Leadership Trainings

The CISO Certification Program and Advanced Seminars are great training opportunities for Information Technology professionals.

The CISO Certification Program

This is a training program for new and potential Chief Information Systems Officers (CISOs) in the California Community College System that is taught by current and experienced Chief Information Systems Officers as well as domain experts in the fields critical to success. A CISO is the equivalent of a Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer in other organizations and is responsible for IT development and operations regarding administrative and business processes as well as instructional technology (in some cases). The program provides instruction in the critical areas necessary for a CISO to be successful.

This program is especially useful for:

  • New CISOs,
  • CISOs who have moved from a college level position to a district level position
  • Technicians who are interested in moving into leadership positions in the California Community Colleges
  • Experienced CTOs and CIOs in outside organizations who might be interested in working for the California Community Colleges.
  • The program is offered every two years

For more information on the program see:

or contact Deborah Ludford, Executive Director at Deborah@ludfordsinc.com with any questions.

Advanced Seminars

On an ongoing basis, the Chief Information Systems Officer’s Association (CISOA) offers advanced seminars where CISO’s and CISO Certification Program graduates will have an opportunity to learn about the latest information impacting technology leaders in the California Community College system. The advanced seminars also provide opportunities to network with colleagues and receive important updates from a program lineup of industry and Community College experts.